Rules at Domaine de la Vallée
Rules for predator fishing
Rules for Carp fishing
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"No-Kill" fishing.
Dogs must be kept on leads.
The angler is responsible for his family and any damage they may cause
The management can not be held responsible for any theft or damage to personal property on the premises
Please park in the car park at the entrance to the complex.
The cutting of trees or degradation of the natural vegetation is strictly forbidden.
Fires are not allowed.
Please do not throw anything in water.
Please use the toilets provided.
All litter must be placed in bin bags which will be collected by the bailiff on departure.
Swimming is forbidden.
Anglers using boats are invited to wear life jackets. The Domaine de la Vallée can not be held responsible for any accident if life jackets are not worn.
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boats must only land at landing stage.
The angler can use only a single rod at the same time in action of fishing.
 All hooks must be barbless.no crushed barbed. forceps must be used.
 An exception may be authorized for the barbed hooks when attaching  the live bait, whether it is laid, or pulled or handled.
The angler should remain near his rod at all times as live baiting requires immediate striking.
All fish must be treated with all due care and precaution. All fish to be returned to the water immediatly. in the event of a deep hooking the line should be cut as short as possible and the fish returned to the lake; the Bailiff must be informed.
The use of a big landing net with fine stitches is recommended. It is forbidden to catch pikes by eyes
To handle captured pike, especially the larger specimens, it is imperative to be equipped with a gag to maintain the mouth of the fish open and of long nosed forceps to remove hooks. The gag should not be harmful (extremities surrounded with adhesive tape or  provided with balls, with blow up tips her opening should be limited not to dislocate the jaw of small fishes.
It is advisable not to pass near the carp swim and not to fish within a minimal perimeter of 200 m of these.
The results of every party of fishing should be recorded in the guest book of the lodge.
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3 rods maximum per angler. The fishing rods must be removed when the angler leave his place.
only single hook rigs allowed. All hooks must be barbless. No microbarbs.
No fixed leads
All fish are to be released without delay and in the best conditions.
Unhooking mats are obligatory and should be wetted before use.
The fishes should never rest on the ground. they should be handled respectfully and with precaution and let go having indeed been oxygenated
The sacking of fish is strictly forbidden
You must use large landing nets with very narrow-mesh
Large landing nets (42 inch) minimum.
Bivvies should be green.
Boats rented on the spot or radiocommanded boats are allowed for baiting or deposing lines.
However, the fisherman can not exceed the limits of the swim which was assigned to him.
 For baiting, it's advised to use seeds with moderation. These must be prepared correctly.
Correctly prepared Tiger nuts are permitted In reasonable quantity (2 kgs per fishing week) but peanuts are not allowed. The bailiff will be able to control .
It is forbidden to light the water at night with a torch, except for putting the fish on the landing nets.
Vehicular access to swims only on arrival and departure.
The rest of the time vehicles are parked on the parking in the entry of the site.
All swims should be left clean on departure. All litter without glass must be placed in bin bags which will be put near the green container in the entry of the site. All glass are put in the green container.
Please use the toilets provided.