Domaine de la Vallee is about one mile long and covers around 100 acres. This former gravel works is in a charming setting on the banks of the river Oise, overlooked by the picturesque village of Vendeuil. The lake itself not only has a good stock of fish but also an abundance of wildlife.


In addition to its  numerous banks there are many islands often surrounded by deep gullies. There are many submerged trees, deep channels, gravel bars and plateau's distributed thoughout, offering many an underwater feature. Also there is an abundance of water lillies during the summer months. All of these features are accessable from the large, clean well managed swims.

A very rich diverse biotope

The lake is around 100 acres in size, however it is split by a large shallow gravel bar crossing its centre. The lake is fed by a clean natural source comprising of many natural springs, allowing a rich diverse biotope. The northern part with crystalline water is rich in herbaria, and the southern part with green water is rich in phytoplankton, this offers a solid base for the food chain. Moveover, at Domaine de la Vallée, the fish always find a favorable area for their successful reproduction and growth.